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Would You - La-No (@darkerthanwax)

Part of the roster of the record label Darker Than Wax, Amsterdam-based Producer La-No just released this unending and hypnotic loop. 

He released his 8-track EP entitled Rework early this year and is up for grabs on his Lano.BandcampHead down to his Soundcloud/IamLano for more gems. Absolutely love this one to bits, One mo gin (La-No Remix).


Got It - Marian Hill (@MarianHillMusic)

Jeremy Lloyd (Production/Songwriting) and Samantha Gongol (Vocals/Songwriting) completes the Philadelphia-based Electronic Pop duo Marian Hill.

They’ve recently released this smooth and sexy track, you just can’t help but groove. Packed with a sultry voice, irresistible beats and a hint of jazz, I dare you to not fall in love with it.

They released their 5-track EP a few months back entitled Play. It’s one hell of a production. One Time is hands down my favorite. You can download the EP on iTunes and it won’t disappoint. Excited to hear more from this two.


@Soulection White Label: 011 - @PYRMDPLAZA

Time and again I’ve always been vocal how much I adore Soulection and their White Label Series so this new release makes my insides all warm and fuzzy. Another great release! PYRMDPLAZA did an awesome job with this. Ventilation hit me hard. I’m so in love with that track! Head down to Soundcloud/Soulection for the free download. You all need this!


Don’t Think….DANCE Mix - @Feeling_Artikal

The last time I featured this man was when we (@FirstEarMusic) released our first FE Mix about 9 months ago. About time we hear a new one from this talented producer Artikal (LDN). You better hear this! Plus it’s a free download

His show is every Tuesday, live at 10PM (UK) / 5AM (PH). Be sure to tune in!

3 days ago

Celebrate 100K - @FirstEarMusic

This week has been one hell of a ride! We’ve hit another milestone, 100K plays on our Soundcloud accouont. So proud of this! Thank you to all that have contributed and to all who listened! Continue hitting play you lovely people!

Here’s a treat for everybody (Free DL too!) Three of our awesome family (@JacksonWaites, @mixed a wicked track to celebrate! THANK YOU!


Disjuko - @TheHomie_Mike

3/3 Fresh Mixes from First Ear Family

One of the latest addition to our family, Mike (@) aka Cool A$$ Nobody cooked up this interesting mix of Disco + Juke. Hit play to party the night away.


34 Years Young - @KulvReyatt

2/3 Fresh Mixes from First Ear Family

Birthday boy Kulv (@KulvReyatt) released this sleek mix that will get you in the zone. Perfect to end the week and start the weekend!


KTM TWO - @katymillslondon

1/3 Fresh Mixes from First Ear Family

3 of our own released new mixes this week and are all worth a play!

Here is our main lady Katy (@katymillslondon) treating you to some funk. You’d dance your way through the whole track.


@FirstEarMusic Radio 005 + @GDNAmusic

Here’s our 5th First Ear Radio set! It’s up and ready for grabs on our Soundcloud/FirstEar so make sure you head down there in case you missed it. Or if you didn’t just go right ahead and play it anyway. Cheers loves!


aywy. – Xavier – Now (Remix)
R.O.M – I Ain’t perfect
Kyo ft. Mark Johns – Strehlow
Larce Blake – Jodeci(Master)
Sivey – Pillow Talk
Brayton Bowman – Privacy
Stwo – Frontier [Languedoc Bootleg]
Lafayette Ellis – Thank You
R.O.M – G R A V I T Y
NeguimBeats – Something Special
The zone kipflip

*GDNA guest mix
Like – Dove
Melo Zed – About [her]
Jay Prince – Stay On My Cool (stwo Version)
Knowledge – Rounmywai
4Real – Settle For My Love
Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe (starRo Remix)
Jill Scott – Slowley Surely (GDNA Remix)
Dornik – Something About You
Lauren Desberg – U Remind Me (Usher Cover)
*GDNA guest mix
John Legend – So High feat. Lauryn Hill (HISANOVA REMIX)
Aaliyah vs. Dr Dre – If Your Girl Only Knew
DJ Grumble – 4 Corners Slowed
Brandy – I wanna be down (esta. remix)
The Geek x Vrv – Do Me A Favor
Duncan Gerow – Little Dragon + Outkast = Little Man
Pink Matter (Sivey Slow Burn Edit)
Ginuwine – In Those Jeans (aywy. rework)
U Don’t Have To Call ・NΞHZVIL Remix
Anthony Hamilton – Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens (Sivey Remix)
Back To Reality – Back To Life (Casual Connection Late Night Groove Rework)

1 week ago

With You - Tennyson (@tennysonmusic)

Brother & Sister Duo, Tennyson, dropped a new track entitled With You. A fusion of jazz and electronic, it is a perfectly orchestrated mind game. It is playfully hypnotizing. This is just one of the few tracks up on their Soundcloud that will surely intoxicate anyone who plays it.

There was a time when I was extremely bothered by tracks with unending loops. It drives me nuts that it just goes on and on. But the tables have turned and now I have come to love it. These two have made it to a point where I recognize the annoying loops but the smoothness and charm of the track puts me to rest and gets me past it. Using everyday sounds such as beeps and laughter and throwing it into the pool, it is clear that creativity proves no bounds with these duo.

Here is another one I am crazy about, it’s called No Answer. Drop by their Soundcloud/Tennyson for more tunes.

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